Saturday, November 22, 2014

Philips GC1905 Iron vs Philips GC1010 Iron

Well both the Philips GC1905 Iron and Philips GC1010 Iron are very nice products. We have reviewed them in our earlier posts as well. Both are having equally good rating in Amazon and Flipkar.


You may be wondering what to consider. Here is the quick guide.

How Philips GC1010 is better than Philips GC1905

It's price is lesser. Philips GC1010 is under 1000, around 920 Rupees where as Philips GC1905 is around 1162.

How Philips GC1905  is better than Philips GC1010

  • GC1905 is of 1400 Watts where as GC1010 is of 1200 Watts. So relatively GC1905 is more powerful and gets heated more quickly.
  • GC1905 has 180ml water tank where as GC1010 is of 150 ml. So GC1905 has more water capacity
  • GC1905 has additional spray option at the nose for extra spray for hard clothes, where as GC1010 does not have
  • GC1905 has Swivel Cord