Friday, October 31, 2014

Best microwaves under Rs. 8000

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First thing to do is to know which type of microwave suits you better?


What type of microwave oven?

 Is it Solo, Grill, Convection type microwave oven?
  • Solo: Best for reheating
  • Grill: Best for Reheating and non-veg items
  • Convection: Best for Reheating, non-verg items and to bake cakes as well.


Microwave capacity

Second thing you should know, of how much size or capacity to order, depending on your family size.


Microwave features  

  • Do you wish to take child lock feature, to protect children from accidents
  • Do you like to simply cooking with auto cook menu feature
You can know all your requirements by using our simple questions and answer based tool -  Zelect Microwave

Now the question comes what to buy?  We are listing three best microwaves.  Well under 8000 budget you will get very good, Grill based microwave oven, but decent convection microwave. 

How we decide on these products?

  • Its spec
  • Its features for given price. Better and more features for less price gets good score
  • Customer feedbacks on its usage on various review portal
  • Brand reputation and customer service. 

The best microwaves under Rs. 8000 are listed below.

IFB 17PG2S 17 L Grill Microwave Oven 

This is well known brand with very good review, and auto cook features.  The only con is smaller size of 17 Litres. Links for your reference

LG MH2046HB 20 L Grill Microwave Oven


Best choice, good brand, awesome customer care, reasonable size, and auto cook features. Please do refer these links for your reference


Electrolux G26K101.SB-CG 26 L Grill Microwave Oven

Good reviews, large size of 26 Litres, and with auto cook features. Please do refer these links for your reference


Kenstar M/O KJ20CBG101 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

Only convection you can get under 8000. Please do refer these links for your reference

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Welcome to Zelect

We have launched Zelect,  you may be wondering what exactly is this zelect.  Well it is e-replacement of buying guides, questions and answers based selection tool.
Well, say you want to buy microwave, before buying any thing you read buying guides, or search for "How to select microwave oven"  or "What to look for in micro oven"

You read all its spec, understand its parts - component, you need to know about every thing, yes.
But in reality, you have your own some customization, just to know what suits you,  you need to read about whole microwave world.
Wouldn’t be  good if some one take your customizations and directly tell what suits you...

- Zelect is first solution of this type.

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