Saturday, August 15, 2015

What exactly is Zelect - the smart selection tool

If you read  below Techcrunch article, it talks about simple problem - just tell me what to buy.  In the current state there are sites, which give detailed review on a product, its price on multiple websites. But no one tells me what is suitable for me.  Understand my needs, customization, requirements and gives me the personal product suggestions. Zelect is the product which is making its humble attempt towards that goal.

It  is a tool to make home appliances selection  easy. Say you want to buy  water purifier, you usually first go to Online  shopping site. Then you are faced with jargons  like  RO, UV, RO+UV, installation feasibility?  Similarly for microwave oven  you are faced with choices  like  Grill, Convection, Solo, Capacity?

The online portals cannot help  you to make this selection because it depends on your needs,  customization, your eating habits, and water type at your home. You have  to know what you want. So for that you search online, read buying  guide.  It is pain point for online purchase, as we don't have any  helper or boy to assist us understand our requirements, needs like offline  store.

To exactly solve this pain point - Zelect tool comes into  picture.  By answering  simple questions, you can get curated  products, recommendations Microwave oven selection tool and Water purifier selection tool

You can see sample Zelect tool usage for selecting the right water purifier.