Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gold mine secrets for home appliances marketers!!!

We have seen 33,000 visitors in the last 30 days. We have analysed our user demographics and we got few surprising results to share. Here we are presenting Zelect info graphics.  Just to let you know Zelect is dedicated home appliances selection portal. You can try our smart selection tools at http://www.zelect.in

38% of home appliances selection users are women

It is clear proof that women are critical decision makers in the home appliances selection. In old days they used to give requirements in the home. But now they are searching, reading, using the selection tool to know the right appliance for the home.  So dear marketers target the women on media, and daily soup operas.

Mid age is the gold mine age group for Home appliances

Age group of 25 - 34 search more about home appliances. Around 40% of users are of mid age. So in case you want to market through media or other ways target the mid age group.  In fact it looks natural as young generation won't be interested in buying the appliances till they get married and settle. So market, target mid age group, stay away from marketing on the news channels for teens.

Delhi and Bengaluru rocks in online home appliances research

Delhi constitutes 14% of total visitors and Bengaluru stood in second place by 13% of visitors. It looks like Delhi and Bengaluru people look for online research before purchasing home appliances compared to other city folks.

Mobile, Android platform are at top positions

48% percentage of traffic comes from mobile devises which is almost equal to desktop.  Out of that mobile traffic 83% of traffic comes from Android phone and 12% percentage from IOS.

Along with home appliances sale, the home appliances repair and home services startups are also booming.  Sometimes your appliance manufacturer may not provide service in your area or may take a long time to visit your place then it is a big problem getting the appliance repaired. More importantly for the price point, they offer to repair may not be economical to you. Thanks to the new generation home services startups bringing high-quality repair personals to your doorstep. Not only that, these companies can take care of wide varieties of services like packers and movers, house cleaning, pest control, laundry, beauty services  and  other.  For example servicesutra for home services is one of the very good startups.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Zelect forum launched ...

Zelect selection tools will help you to select the product easily. But at some point you may  have very specific questions that may not be addressed, or need to know the review of the product? As of now there is no exclusive place to discuss the same. Quora and Yahoo answers do the job till some point, but having dedicated portal will help a lot. 

We have initially launched one small "Ask a Question" form to take the questions from visitors. We got very  good response. So we have finally decided to launch our own Question & Answer community site..... here we go http://forum.zelect.in

In Zelect forum you can ask any question related to buying guides, product selection, reviews, comparison related questions.  We hope it will help the community.