Tuesday, October 4, 2016

When renting products makes sense?

Along with home appliance buying, renting also on rising. Perhaps this is the most convenient option in a fast paced lifestyle. In this article, we will explore the possible situations where renting of home appliances is really helpful.

Cost of appliance is very high 
This is particularly true with Air conditioners. In peak summer you want to relax for some time and getting cool air with Air conditioner costs you around Rs. 40,000. That too at max you use it only for a couple of months. Then why to shed hefty amount on AC buying. If your finances are tight, then renting is the best option. Apart from that, it makes sense for other appliances like refrigerators and microwave oven and oil based room heaters.

Shifting homes and moving cities
Say you are relocated to a city and you know at max you will stay there only for 6 months to a year maximum. Then buying all the home appliances like refrigerators, microwave oven, washing machine, AC, television is the cumbersome task. Selecting the right product, installing it well, and when you move back either you have to sell it once again or carry along with you. These things make life painful when you are juggling in the work. You can outsource all your worries by renting the appliance.  Additionally, if you are living in a rented house and planning to buy a new house and move there then renting home appliances also makes sense.

Want to try different things?
Say you want to try Oil filled room heater?  How warm it will be if you use Oil filled room heater. How much it will save your electricity bills. Buying Rs. 15,000 appliance just to know this is a real waste of money. What if you know Oil filled room heater does not suit you? Either you need to resell it or keep it in your attic. Renting will definitely solve such types of problems. Same is the case with costly new dresses, new X-box game.

When unexpected guests arrive? 
Say your uncle visited you for a week in Delhi? And you need an extra bed. You could buy a new one, but once your uncle leaves it is a waste. Not only that, it will occupy a significant amount of space. In such cases, renting bed and mattresses is a very good choice.

You don't need to buy a Porsche car to ride once
Say you are attending the wedding and you want to look awesome. You may not afford to buy a designer wear but you can rent it for a day. Planning for a birdwatching trip once in a year - you don't need to buy a DSLR camera, you can rent it as well. Same is the case with mountain trekking accessory.

Where can you rent online?
There are many startups ventured into this territory. Out of which we have found for renting products online few startups are doing really well with a large inventory and prompt service.