Friday, October 31, 2014

Welcome to Zelect

We have launched Zelect,  you may be wondering what exactly is this zelect.  Well it is e-replacement of buying guides, questions and answers based selection tool.
Well, say you want to buy microwave, before buying any thing you read buying guides, or search for "How to select microwave oven"  or "What to look for in micro oven"

You read all its spec, understand its parts - component, you need to know about every thing, yes.
But in reality, you have your own some customization, just to know what suits you,  you need to read about whole microwave world.
Wouldn’t be  good if some one take your customizations and directly tell what suits you...

- Zelect is first solution of this type.

Example: For microwave -  please see Zelect - then you will understand more.
We are here to help the world to make easy and better selections.

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