Saturday, November 8, 2014

Buying guide for microwave oven

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Microwave types

First thing is what type of Microwave?  There are three types of microwaves ...  Solo, Grill, Convection type.
  • Solo: Best for reheating
  • Grill: Best for Reheating and non-veg items
  • Convection: Best for Reheating, non-veg items and to bake cakes as well.  
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Microwave capacity

Microwave capacity depends on your family size and the type of microwave you want to select.  This pic beautifully explain the things.

Basically it says,
  • for small family, Solo type micro oven, 15-20 litres is enough,
  • But for the same small family, Grill or Convection type 21-30 litres is sufficient.
  • The large family requires 25-30 litres for Solo type 

  • For other types it would be 32 litres and above. 
Next, we list important features.

Child lock

If you have children in your home, they may accidentally put their hand in the microwave. So this features provide a child lock felicity.

Auto cook

In case you want to simplify the cooking, this option will do the need. 
Economic or low end microwaves won't have this feature. It is good to have thing.  You don't need to set time, and power configuration, all you have to do is to specify the dish type, that's it.


Apart from that there is power setting,
Higher the voltage, it will be more efficient and quicker.
If you like  to cook heavy food items or bulky quantities for a large family, consider a more powerful microwave.  If you cook food only for one or two people, then a less powerful microwave is enough.

Panel types

 There are different panels - through which you can control all the microwave operations. Every panel has its own pros and cons. The good panels are costly though.


 Good to go, robust,
 can handle rough  handling as well.

Touch key pad

 Good to touch and operate,
  but short span of life

 Dial type

 Easy to control and smotoh

Feather touch

  Advanced, comes in costly models.

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