Sunday, November 16, 2014

Philips GC1010 Steam Iron Review

Philips GC1010 Steam Iron Reviewed by Umar Shareef on . Great product under 1000 rupees with all features
Philips GC1010 steam iron
Philips GC1010 steam iron

Steam iron is pleasurable fabric experience. It makes wrinkle clothes ironing very easy. In olden days you might have observe people used pour water drops for better ironing. In this age it is automated with steam iron. Then you may be wonder exactly how it works?

The Iron have a small water tank to hold the water. First you fill the tank with the water. The Iron will superheat the water in the tank and generate steam. Either it can be continuously or at a regular interval.


Philips GC1010 Iron features

  • Sole plate is the one which touches fabric. It is made of Aluminium and thin and heats fast.
  • 1200 Watts  electricity input
  • Continuous stream output 
  • 150 ml water tank capacity with 15grams per minute output of steam.
  •  Self cleaning technology.
  • Temperature control depending on the fabric


How we review Philips GC1010 Iron

  • It's features and specifications
  • Competitive pricing  compared to products with similar  specifications and  features
  • Customer reviews and ratings on major e-commerce sites including Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.


Pros: What is best in Philips GC1010 Iron

  • Low pricing:   It costs around 798 Rupees at Amazon and 920 Rupees in  Flipkart.  There are similar products with the same feature and spec but costs double.
  • People are liking it: It is one of the best seller on Amazon, which itself is proof that it is most sought after products in Irons category.
  • Good customer rating: It has four star rating  on both Amazon and Flipkart. 

  •  Best features in Philips GC1010 Iron
    • It is light weight, and easy to handle. The design is very cute, looks really beautiful. 
    • Very good electric wire. Resistance to hear, bend or cut.
    • Have aluminium sole plate, which heats very fast
    • Modern cleaning technology which can clean with manual flush.
    • 1200 watts power - which heats the Iron very fast.
    • 2 years warranty on the product. 


Cons: What is not good in Philips GC1010

  • Water  is leaking sometimes. This is one of the most common complaint. The water leaks more when kept vertically
  •  No good steam control options in the product. In the product description it was  mentioned that it has stem control, but many complained that it won't work as expected.
  • The sole plate is not  coated. It is minor issue considering the black stains that can form on the sole plate. The good coated sole plates Irons you can get for double price. Instead better use this, if things get worse you can buy new one.


Philips GC1010 Iron review verdict

Considering the pros it offers it is worth to buy. In case you buy below options helps you.


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Rating: 4.0